#52 Girl All Stars

Turbo Sports Radio · #52 Girl All*Stars #52 Girl Skateboards All StarsThis episode is another star studded All Stars edition. Ryan, Jono and Will pick their all time All Star Girl skateboards team.Enjoy

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#50 Zero All Stars Edition

Turbo Sports Radio · #50 Zero All Stars In this issue of Turbo Sports Radio we decide on our all stars team for Zero skateboards. The rules are simple, we each pick 5 names of who we believe deserves a place on the all stars team. But there is only 5 spots available, so between the 3 of us we must argue our case. Sit back, relax and see if you agree with our lineup...

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#49 End of Year Breakdown

Turbo Sports Radio · #49 2020 End of Year Breakdown In this issue we are fully staffed with Ryan, Jono and Will breaking down the end of 2020. We discuss Tom Knox, Danny Way, DC, Elijah Berle and of course skater of the year.    

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